The Business Opportunity

The BUSINESS Opportunity for YOU!

Sunbird offers entrepreneurs the exciting and rewarding business oppor-tunity to join a rapidly expanding network of successful perfume distributors. There are business opportunities among all communities, age groups and income groups for individuals to sell Sunbird and to build their own distributor networks, while earning personal sales profits of up to 55%.
The perfume market is huge – many adults and even teenagers are potential customers. Sunbird offers consumers excellent product quality and affordable prices and will therefore appeal to a significant portion of all consumers who use perfume and other perfumed products.
With no overheads and no start-up costs other than stock, there are simply no financial risks yet enormous potential earnings. You will have peace of mind in the knowledge that perfumes have been popular for many centuries and that, with the great value that Sunbird offers to consumers, you could be developing a business that could serve you for many years to come.
The direct selling sales channel is one of the fastest growing sales channels world-wide and has many advantages for manufacturers of products, distributors, and consumers. With the above average financial rewards that can be earned by distributors selling Sunbird products, you will certainly find many people who will be interested to join your selling network.

Not just a side hustle, be your own boss

± 1600 Active Distributors
± 200 New Registrations
Sell ± 40 000 Bottles of perfume, lotion & other Sunbird products
Earn >R2.5 MILLION profit between them
Top Distributor earns R20 000 – R40 000


Huge Market
More than 2.5 million bottles of perfume sold in SA monthly

Great Products
Quality, Price, Range

Excellent Profits
Profit on Personal Sales (35% – 55%)
Profit on Sales of Downlines

Think big, think Sunbird… It will change your life.

Start Big or Small
Part Time or Full Time
Low Startup costs
Be your own boss
A Business for a Lifetime
Anyone can do it…

How to Start

Start earning your first income in 4 EASY STEPS:

Step 1 - Register:

Complete the registration form in full and submit to the office along with your first order. Please remember to indicate the name of the Distributor (your “parent”) who initially introduced (recruited) you to Sunbird. You can also register on our website.

Step 2 – Unique Distributor code:

  • Each Distributor receives a unique Distributor code, password (to access your mobi-site) as well as an easy pay number.
  • Distributors are only allowed to use their own code when ordering from Sunbird.
  • Use your code in all correspondence with Sunbird as well as reference when making bank deposits.
  • Your unique easy pay code can be used when making deposits at any easy pay outlet.

Step 3 – Purchase Samples

Samples form an essential part of your business, and we recommend that all new Distributors start off by buying samples which can be bought separately or as part of one of our business builder kits.

Step 4 – Place your order and start earning!!!

How to place an order

1. Payment

Payment terms for all Distributors are strictly payment with order or payment upon collection of parcels from a Sunbird office.

Payments may be made as follow:

  • Direct deposits into our FNB Bank Account
  • Internet Transfers
  • Debit/Credit cards
  • EASYPAY payments
  • Payment in Cash

TT Fragrances
Bank: First National Bank Centurion
Branch Code: 261550
Account Number: 627 940 22394

2. Order forms

Official Sunbird order forms must be used for ALL orders.

3. Office collection

Orders must preferably be placed at least 1 day before collection to allow enough time to prepare parcels and to minimize the time that you will have to wait for your parcels when collecting.

4. Courier

Sunbird makes use of 3rd party couriers that offers door-to-door delivery services. Distributors may need to pay a portion of the courier costs, depending on the value of the order and area where they live.

Orders are usually dispatched from Sunbird Office within 2 working days and couriers usually takes 3 days to deliver.

Please make sure that address is correct to ensure prompt delivery of parcels.

Additional Courier Delivery Charges

Destinations in South Africa

(Distributor Cost)

(Gauteng and Cape Town)

(Other SA Cities and Towns)

R1400 +



R1200 –



R1000 –



R800 – R999



R600 – R799



R400 – R599



< R399



Botswana, Lesotho,
Swaziland & Namibia
(courier to major cities only)

(Distributor Cost)


R4000 +


R3000 – R3999


R2000 – R2999


R1500 – R1999


R1000 – R1499


R500 – R999





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