Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register for Sunbird?

You can register online ( or complete the registration form and return it to us via email ( or WhatsApp (+27 60 443 9935).

How do I know that my registration was received?

If you register online, you will immediately receive a message on the website as well as a sms that the registration was submitted. If you completed a registration form and submit it to the office, it takes 1-2 days before you will receive the sms to say that the application was received.

I received confirmation online that my application was received but did not get the sms. Must I re-register online?

Do not submit another registration; Rather make contact with the office via WhatsApp chat on our website.

Where do I use the distributor code and password?

The distributor code is your unique code to use when placing orders, making payments and all other official correspondence with the company. You also use this when logging on to the mobi site to view your dashboard.

What is an Easy-Pay number?

Sunbird has partnered with Easy-Pay to provide a service whereby distributors can pay for their orders at Easy-Pay outlets. This is an alternative way of paying for orders. Your Easy-Pay code is unique to you and all payments related to this code will be linked to your account in Sunbird.

I lost my Easy-Pay number.

You can view your unique Easy-Pay number at the bottom of all Sunbird invoices or you can log in on your dashboard to view it.

Do I need to wait for the code and password before placing an order?

You can simply place your first order with your registration form and it will be processed at the same time. If necessary, you can use your name as reference when making bank payments for the first time.

I get an "Invalid distributor code / password" error message when I try to log on to my dashboard. What must I do?

Ensure that you enter your code carefully making special reference to alphabet letter like ‘O” that can be confused with the number “0”. The first 3 digits of your code will be alphabet letter and the last three can be a combination of alpha numeric letter. Refer to your welcome sms and try again. Alternatively contact us through the WhatsApp chat function on our website.

I registered online, but received a message saying: “A Distributor already exists with that name and / or id number.” What can I do?

The system does an automatic check on ID numbers and / or names. If the person already exists in the system, it means that they will have to re-register. Follow the instructions for re registration.

How long does it take before I receive my distributor code?

After submitting an online application, it is vetted by the company and a sms will be sent with your distributor code, password (to log on to the mobi site) as well as the Easy-Pay number.  (Save this information in a safe place for future use.) This normally happens within 1-2 working days.

How do I know I re-register?

If you re-register, your code, Easy-Pay number and password will remain the same, but you have to submit a registration form to the office to update your details as well as link you to a parent. Complete the registration form, tick re-register in top right hand corner and send your form via email or WhatsApp +27 60 443 9935.

What is a dashboard?

Your dashboard is a document that gives you an overview of your business statistics. You can log on via our website  and use your distributor code as log in name with your password.

How do I log in to my dashboard?

On registration you will receive a sms with your distributor code, password and Easy-Pay number. You can log in to your dashboard by using your code and password to view your business stats via our website:

I lost my Distributor code / password, how can I retrieve or change it?

Sunbird currently does not offer an option where you can retrieve a lost password online. Make contact with us via the WhatsApp chat on our website and we will assist you.

My downline did not receive a welcome SMS after registration, what can I do?

The messages are sent via an automated system. This means that the upline (parent) will get a SMS at the same time as the new downline (child). There can be one of two things wrong:

  1. The cell phone number was incorrectly entered. Check your dashboard to see if it is correct and inform us of any changes. We will correct the number and resend the message.
  2. There is a problem on the receiver’s side. Network issues, handset problems etc. They can contact us via the WhatsApp chat on our website.

Orders & Payments

How can I place an order?

Orders can be made using the electronic order form or pdf and submit it to the office via email or WhatsApp. View the video on how to place the order.  (

I did not get a sms to say that you have received my payment.

Sunbird only confirms that order was received via sms. It normally takes 1-2 days for payment to be vetted in the bank account, where after your order will be invoiced and the sales will appear on your dashboard. Log on to your dashboard to check your sales figures. Also review our order process.

When will I receive my order?

Orders are normally dispatch within 2 days after payment has been vetted in the bank account. Couriers can take 3-4 working days to deliver. Follow our order process.

Please track my order

Sunbird supplies all Distributors with the tools to track their own parcels as we do not have the capacity to track every parcel. However, if you are experiencing a waiting period longer than the stipulated time, we will assist where possible.

How can I pay for my order?

For courier orders, you can pay using your Easy-Pay code at outlets, at an auto bank or by doing an EFT. Refer to our how to pay video . Remember to use your distributor code as reference when making bank payments. For orders to be collected, you can pay cash, or with a card.  All bank payments (including Easy-Pay) are vetted on the bank statement and then loaded onto your dashboard. This will appear as a negative number on your dashboard’s account balance and can then be used when making an order.

I made a deposit, but the money is not on my dashboard.

Sunbird will vet all payments which can take 1-2 working days. Easy-Pay payments today can only be vetted the following day. EFT payments or payments from other banks can take up to 2 working days. Remember that we do not work on weekends and payments made over weekends or public holidays can only be vetted the first working day after such payment was received.

How do I know if you have received my order?

On receipt of order and or payment, Sunbird will send a sms to confirm receipt of order. This will normally happen within 1 working day. Refer to our order process.

I have received the sms to say that my order and payment was received, but there are no sales points on my dashboard.

Orders are normally invoiced after payment was vetted in the bank account. This can take 1-2 working days sales points will only appear once the order was invoiced.

How can I track my order?

Once your order is packed and collected by the courier company, Sunbird will send a sms with the name of the courier company and the tracking number. Couriers are third parties and are not employees of the company. They normally deliver orders 3-5 days after collection from our offices. Bear in mind that certain areas may be in outlying areas and delivery can take longer. You can log on the courier website and enter tracking details supplied. View courier details via the website

The courier company is refusing to deliver to my house. What can I do?

Sunbird makes use of courier companies that offers a home delivery, but as these couriers are not Sunbird employees, we cannot speak directly to the drivers. You can lodge a complaint on the courier’s website or to Sunbird complaints ( Remember to get as much details as possible. I.e. Time of call, waybill number, name of driver etc Follow our complaints process.

I made a mistake on the reference when I made the bank deposit. Can this be rectified?

It is important to use your distributor code in all correspondence with us including bank deposits. If a mistake occurred, contact Finance via WhatsApp (+27 67 377 3007) with a copy of the deposit slip as well as your name and your code and it will be corrected.


How do I lodge a complaint?

The correct procedure for COMPLAINTS is to send an email to with the following details:
 1. Your Distributor Code and Name
 2. Invoice no
 3. Details of complaints (e.g. 2 bottles broken)
 4. Picture if applicable
 5. Picture of picking slip (order form) in case of shortages
Or WhatsApp: +27 60 447 4442

What is a credit note?

It is occasionally necessary for the company to pass a credit note, for example, after you have paid, the item may be sold out. This means that your sales will be reduced with the sales points affected and the money will be credited to your dashboard. In all cases, you need to re-order these items with your next order and use the money on your dashboard as payment.

What do I do if there are items short on my order?

Should we have stock shortages due to unforeseen circumstances, check your invoice to see if the item was invoiced. Sunbird will normally pass a credit note (i.e. you were not invoiced for it) and you can re-order the item with your next order.

How long does it take for a credit note to be done?

A credit note must first be approved by Finance and this normally happens 1-3 days after complaint was received by the staff member.


I cannot see my downline or lead on my dashboard.

Sunbird has certain inactivity rules which mean you can no longer see the names on your dashboard. Refer to the compensation plan for full explanation.
1. Leads
If you register a new downline with no order, the distributor will be a lead.
He/she needs to place an order within 2 months, otherwise the system will make them inactive
Example: Distributor registered in month 1 (September) who does not become active with sales will be de-registered at the end of month 3 (November).

2. Inactive Distributors
If a distributor does not place an order for 6 months in a row, he/she will become an inactive distributor.

Do I need to re-register these inactive leads / distributors?

Yes, they all need to be re-registered. Unfortunately it cannot be done online but you can contact us via our WhatsApp chat from our website for assistance. Refer to our re-registration process.


What are rebates?

Distributors can earn additional financial benefits or rebates on the sales of their downlines (up to 4 levels deep) provided that certain requirements have been met.  (Refer to info pack or compensation plan for more definitions).

Why did I receive a rebate that is different from what I expected?

It is important to understand where your rebate comes from. Read the information in our info pack on how it is calculated and attend a training session with the office.

When and how can I receive my rebate?

Downline rebates will be paid on the 23rd of the following month. Distributors may receive rebates as payments into their bank accounts or as a credit on their next orders. Credit balances may be utilized against new orders from the 4th working day of the next trading month.


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